Miss Kirsten McLeod

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General Counsellor  ?
 Honours Degree in Psychology

Accreditation Number: SWC21/103

I am currently working in private practice and within schools supporting the emotional well-being of children, families and teachers. I help children unpack their feelings world and develop a greater self-awareness. Children learn that feelings are visitors that come and go. When children are taught that all feelings are important they begin to form a different relationship with their feelings. They learn that they are not their feelings and discover who they really are. Through this process children (and parents) learn to become less reactive and more conscious of whats going on within and around them, allowing for greater understanding. An opportunity then arises to reframe challenging situations and begin to see clearly as to what a more skilful and compassionate response is for themselves and/or towards others. I help children explore the most appropriate coping tools that work for them. Children begin to feel empowered and more accepting of themselves helping them grow into more emotionally intelligent individuals.

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Tel: 072 340 5958
Mobile: 072 340 5958
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[email protected]

2 Hemyock Road
Cape Town

Works with: Children and families.

Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, family difficulties, life changes, and play therapy.

Working in: English.

Working in the following modalities: Systemic therapy and integrative therapy.