Miss Romy Morsner

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General Counsellor  ?
 Holistic Counsellor

Accreditation Number: HC21/1023

My ideal client is ready to face their denial, fears and aspects of themselves that they have been avoiding. Their issues range from fear of not being good enough, addiction or alcoholism, past trauma and abuse, neglect, depression, feeling alone, anxiety and co-dependency. They need to be heard and understood and feel that they are overwhelmed by their daily responsibilities.

They need to feel safe and find a way to cope with their emotions. They want to find a way to feel less stressed and stuck. They want to overcome the fear that they have been living with.

I apply various therapeutic approaches to my counselling depending on the issues at hand. I help each individual to tackle their challenges one at a time comfortably and with ease. I focus on a goal oriented therapeutic process where I guide the client to find their way to their own best outcomes. It seems daunting to take the first step to ask for help. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to reach out. There is strength in and courage in taking the step to finding a way forward from a place that you don't want to be.

I run an outpatient program for addicts and alcoholics as well.

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Mobile: 071 361 3495
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[email protected]

376 Summit Road

Works with: Adolescents, adults, families, and individuals.

Specialising in: Addiction, anxiety disorder, depression, life changes, loss/grief, relationships, and trauma.

Working in: English and Afrikaans.

Working in the following modalities: Cognitive behavioural therapy, couples therapy, and integrative therapy.