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Crossroads Recovery Centre is group of private alcohol and drug rehab centres located in Gauteng in South Africa. Our 12 Step treatment facilities based in Pretoria and Johannesburg offer personalised recovery solutions for individuals suffering under the tremendous weight of their addictions. We offer expert, professional addiction treatment for substance abuse and physical addictions to food, sex and gambling.

Our first centre in Pretoria was opened in 2011 by Dominic Giovannoni, who has devoted his life to helping those battling the disease of addiction. Our centre in Johannesburg was opened in 2017.

Our facilities are registered entities at the Department of Social Services.

We offer a 28 day programme. Our qualified councillors are experts in the field of addiction and all recovering addicts. At Crossroads we address all forms of addiction from alcoholism to drugs, sex, gambling, food etc. We have a full- time Social Worker and Nurse on staff at each facility.

Crossroads Recovery Centres are affiliated with most of the medical aids available.

Pretoria Centre: Situated on a beautiful two hectare property in the east of Pretoria in Rietvalleirand, Crossroads Recovery Centre is an idyllic refuge from the world of worry, stress and addiction. The residence is ensconced in the greenery of a breathtakingly beautiful garden making it ideal to begin a journey towards health and recovery. The atmosphere of tranquillity, privacy and seclusion is most conducive to rehabilitation and the centre’s facilities go a long way to enhancing what is undoubtedly a challenging experience. This upmarket home accommodates 24 patients in a communal living environment. With individual counselling rooms, a large group therapy room and recreational areas, patients’ can spend their time at Crossroads getting the most out of the programme without external distraction. Spacious and welcoming, patients can enjoy their free time by making use of the following facilities: - Indoor braai area and courtyard - Outdoor gas braai - Swimming pool - Large poolside gazebo - Exercise area and equipment - Table tennis and games Security is high on our list of priorities and as such the facility is surrounded by an electric fence linked to armed response, complete with an alarm system and panic buttons. It is also patrolled at night by a security guard with paramedic training.

Find yourself. Find your way. Find us at 607 View Street, Rietvalleirand.

Johannesburg Centre: Crossroads Recovery Centre is situated in the green belt of Boskruin in the north of Johannesburg, close to the beautiful Boschkop Nature Reserve. It is ideal for those in need of a safe space in which to heal, grow and recover from active addiction. The residence is nestled in a tranquil, leafy, garden setting that makes it easy to feel far from the hustle, bustle and worries of Johannesburg. This seclusion from the triggers and pressures of everyday life provides patients with the ideal respite needed to begin their journey towards recovery. The privacy of the home ensures discretion in a restorative environment that is so crucial to the rehabilitation process. The double story villa can accommodate 17 patients in comfort, with access to lovely recreational spaces, and ample counselling and group areas to ensure all therapeutic activities are carried out in bright and functional quarters conducive to the recovery process. Johannesburg winters allow us to make use of the cosy fireplace in the main lounge and there is a large table tennis area on the patio. Security is high on our list of priorities and as such the facility is surrounded by an electric fence linked to an armed response company. There is a security guard on the property at night.

Find yourself. Find your way. Find us at 71 C.R. Swart Drive Boskruin._

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Tel: Johannesburg Admissions: 74 895 1043 / Pretoria Admissions: 82 653 3311
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Rietvalleirand Boskruin
Pretoria Centre
607 View Street

Johannesburg Centre
71 C.R. Swart Drive

Works with: Adults, couples, families, and individuals.

Specialising in: Detox, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, process addiction, and sex and pornography.

Working in: English.