Dr Graham Lindegger

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Clinical Psychologist  ?
 PhD MA (Clin Psyc)

HPCSA Number: PS 0004367
Practice Number: 8601364

I am a clinical psychologist practicing mainly as a psychotherapist. I trained at Natal University, with advanced training in Germany and USA. I worked as professor of Clinical Psychology at Natal University.

I work with a broad range of people, and have a desire to assist people in living their lives as fully as possible. I am also interested in conditions that hold people back from this, such as anxiety or depression, and how to make life most meaningful and fulfiling. I see relationships as a vital part of life, and am interested in assisting people with relationship difficulties (couples, marriage, family), so as to live in better quality relationships.

I am also interested in how various forms of spirituality assist people in leading more meaningful lives.

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Tel: 033 396 5234
Mobile: 082 718 4054
Skype: graham.lindegger

[email protected]

Akeso Clinic
216 Woodhouse Rd

Works with: Adults, couples, families, and individuals.

Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, chronic medical conditions, depression, family difficulties, life changes, loss/grief, personality disorders, relationships, self development, and sexuality and gender.

Working in: English.