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Counselling Psychologist  ?
 MPsych (Masters in Counselling Psychology)

HPCSA Number: PS0113140
Practice Number: 0437816

During COVID-19: Please see below

I offer a confidential safe space to sit and reflect on your life, to express yourself freely and truthfully, and be listened to with a heart-centred respect and acceptance. Together we can think about the issues you are seeking help with.

I draw on theoretical ideas from psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and the practice of mindful awareness. There is much to discover about ourselves through understanding the influence of our early experiences and family relationships. Looking at the present is also important, especially our patterns of thought, and learning how they influence our emotional responses to life and the perceptions we have of our selves and our relationships. Bringing in the practice of mindfulness helps us to learn to rest in the present moment, to accept the full range of feelings we find there, to suspend judgment, and to fully accept ourselves with compassion.

I work with anxiety, depression, bereavement, childhood trauma and recovery, body issues, low self-esteem, relationship problems, sexuality, parenting support, career guidance, personal growth, and those on a journey to find more meaning in life.

I like to work holistically, taking the whole person into account, mind, body, emotions and spirit. We would look at each of these areas, what might be holding you back, and what may give you more energy and life. I work with deep respect for the spiritual frame of reference of a client. I work energetically too, and offer the option of reiki healing to compliment the talking therapy.

During COVID-19: I am working online via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp during this time of social distancing. This will be likely to feel different than having therapy in the usual way in a room together, but there can still be real connection and openness, talking and listening, spaces for feelings to arise and be thought about. I offer you my focused attention and my presence with your experiences, even if through the medium of technology. This time of online connections will eventually come to an end when this virus runs its course, and we can move to having therapy in my practice room in Rondebosch if this is practically possible for you, or we can continue online if you live far away. This is a time of uncertainty and anxiety for many, and often the global shared anxieties bring up very personal anxieties too, which are helpful to understand and talk through. Many clients are also talking about this time as an opportunity to look within, to slow down, and to see what is happening in our hearts and minds without the busyness and distraction of the world out there. I see a gift in this time, the chance to take steps forward in our personal growth and inner journeys. I invite you to do this if the time feels right for you.

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Mobile: 084 671 9343

[email protected]

11 Mulvihal Road
Cape Town

Works with: Adolescents, adults, couples, and individuals.

Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, depression, family difficulties, life changes, loss/grief, relationships, self development, sexuality and gender, and trauma.

Working in: English.