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Occupational Therapist  ?
 B Occ Ther (UP) / Imago Relationship Coach

HPCSA Number: OT034444
Practice Number: 0308609

Thriving Realtionships

Building Deeper Connections I believe that every relationship has great potential for growth. Using the Imago Relationship Therapy principles I will guide individuals and couples, empowering them with tools and techniques to move from conflict towards a deeper connection, greater compassion, a sense of purpose and joy. By understanding and empathising with your partner's world and perspective, you can embark on a journey to heal past wounds and create a conscious, loving partnership.

Transformation through creativity

As an Occupational Therapist I feel passionate about the transformative power of creativity. Through art and creative expression, I guide individuals to connect through the arts to access inner guidance, insight and transformation. I am committed to providing a comprehensive and personalised approach to growth. Trained in different therapeutic modalities, I use Imago relationship therapy, Art and expressive art therapy as well as Results Coaching to collaborate in creating a safe and nurturing space where one can explore beliefs, release emotions , gain deeper insights into yourself and to optimise your wellbeing. I have successfully integrated art and creativity at a rehabilitation centre (for alcohol and substance dependence) since 2008. I have been involved in facilitating workshops and training health care professionals, to incorporate the creative arts in therapy since 2009. My work, skills and experience are founded in a combination of theories such as the Person-centred Approach by Carl Rogers and the Person-centred Expressive Arts Therapy Approach by Natalie Rogers.

As the daughter of a Couples Therapist (Mom) and Minister (Dad,) a wife and a mother of 3 daughters, I am inspired to assist and guide others in relational conflict and working towards connection and resolution.

This interest motivated my certification as an International Imago Professional Facilitator as well as further training in in Couples Therapy through the Imago Institute of South Africa.

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Tel: 84 803 8904
Mobile: 84 803 8904

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Somerset West
32 Bright Street
Somerset West
Cape Town

Works with: Adults, couples, and individuals.

Specialising in: Bipolar disorder, depression, family difficulties, life changes, marital/couples therapy, relationships, and self development.

Working in: English and Afrikaans.

Working in the following modalities: Cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy, couples therapy, and integrative therapy.