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Elim Clinic is a registered, Professional Addiction Treatment Centre in Gauteng South Africa. We specialize in the treatment of persons 18 years and older who are addicted to medication, drugs, alcohol and gambling. The fact that Elim Clinic has been around for more than five decades and still is one of the most sought after rehabilitation facilities in South Africa, is evidence of our sound clinical knowledge, skill and experience. Our treatment program is dynamic and progressive. We keep track of local and international research within the field of addiction treatment and will continue to ensure that our patients receive the therapeutic inputs they need to have the best possible chance to recover and maintain sobriety.

Treatment Approach Elim Clinic follows a holistic treatment approach. Addiction treatment is a very specialized field and needs specialized professionals to manage the treatment of patients. Our multi-disciplinary treatment team consists of a medical doctor, professional nurses, therapists (social workers and psychologists) as well as pastoral workers. A psychiatrist is available for those patients who need psychiatric assessments or treatment. We have a network of professionals, for example physiotherapists and dieticians that assist with specialized needs of patients. Addiction has a devastating effect on all aspects of a person’s life. Recovery therefore has to take place on all levels of functioning. Our multi-professional team is fully equipped to facilitate treatment on all these levels. During treatment our team focuses on each patient’s physical, emotional, psycho-social and spiritual functioning, and provides assistance according to their needs.

Treatment Programmes The duration indicated below is recommended, but can be adjusted according to each person’s individual needs and circumstances, e.g. we offer a three week drug treatment programme for those patients who cannot attend the four or five week programme.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programme: 3 weeks in-patient treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment Programme: 4-5 weeks in-patient treatment Over the Counter and Prescription Medication

Addiction Programme: 4 weeks in-patient treatment

Gambling Addiction Treatment Programme: 3 weeks in-patient treatment

We have been running a successful gambling addiction treatment programme (GAP) and will include preventative and remedial information about other process addictions in our programme. We are working with internationally recognized researchers and therapist’s resources in the compilation of this programme and plan to launch the programme in October 2014

Sex and pornography addiction Food addiction Exercise addiction Internet and video gaming addiction Shopping addiction Work addiction

In-patient treatment entails the following: Specialised medical assistance during the detoxification process 24 hour medical care, seven days per week Medical lectures Health education Psycho-social group therapy Individual psychotherapy Pastoral counselling Life skills training Relapse prevention Relaxation therapy Recreational activities such as arts and crafts, a library for reading, volleyball, movie nights, gymnasium and various sport activities.

Our facilities have wide open spaces for walking and jogging and where patients have picnics with their families during visits.

Involvement of spouse or significant others: Elim Clinic provides the opportunity for the spouse, partner or significant others of patients to be involved in treatment. This is structured according to the needs of the significant others and arranged with the patients’ therapist. We also run a dedicated group for significant others and family members once a month to offer the family members the needed support and information. Aftercare

In order to support our patients and family members throughout their recovery process we offer a free aftercare service. Aftercare in the form of group sessions, facilitated by a professional therapist, takes place every Wednesday evening at Elim Clinic from 18:00 to 19:30. In cases where patients come from far away or abroad, we can offer training to staff to assist them in setting up their own support groups for aftercare.

Dual diagnosed patients: The prevalence of dual diagnosis is very high amongst substance use patients and more and more patients with co-morbid disorders are being identified. In order to ensure that our programme offers the best treatment to each patient, Elim Clinic is making an effort to incorporate additional therapeutic approaches to our program. Our staff is specifically trained to deal with dual diagnosed patients. They are well equipped with the necessary therapeutic skills and knowledge concerning various co-morbid disorders. Patients with acute psychosis or manic episodes are transferred to suitable facilities until they are stabilized.

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