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The Cedars is a boutique group of addiction and mental health treatment facilities.

Our tranquil, private locations around South Africa are staffed by a leading team of multi-disciplinary specialists, each with a personal journey in recovery and a genuine desire to heal. Since its inception in 2001, The Cedars has expanded considerably from the original Cedars South Coast Estate to two additional facilities, namely, Cedars Midlands, and Cedars Cape Manor House. We are registered with Department of Social Development and we are affiliated with most medical aids.

Our Approach

Every facet of The Cedars’ treatment programme is recovery orientated. We don’t believe in a generic fix for addiction and pride ourselves on offering personalised solutions for each of our client’s unique challenges. We focus deeply on a client’s personal ecosystem, helping to provide understanding and healing with self and with loved ones.

We pride ourselves on delivering a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures a range of best-practice skill sets are on offer to our clients. Many of our staff members have been through our programme, modelling the power of its impact and offering our clients unprecedented empathy and “proof of concept.”

We believe in rigorous adherence to the 12-Step program and a commitment to holistic wellbeing. We ensure our clients’ mental, emotional and physical needs are prioritised while in our care, and equipping them with the tools to sustain this lifestyle independently of their Cedars’ experience.

We’re Here To Save Lives

We don’t mean this just literally, although it’s very often the case. Our clients generally arrive at The Cedars in a state of deep disassociation with reality. Wholly dependent on their addiction, they are unconsciously disconnected from all that underpins a life of quality and meaning. Our recovery programme is designed to reawaken these individuals, sparking understanding, connection and hope. Wholly equipped with the tools required to sustain their recovery, Cedars’ clients leave our facilities with life-long connections, hope and self-worth reignited, empowered to rebuild a life of meaning.

Helping Families & Loved Ones Heal

At Cedars we believe that addiction is a family illness. Despite this, family members and loved ones are often ignored and neglected in the treatment of addiction. We believe that family members and loved ones should also receive treatment for their own benefit and healing. In turn, this healing process helps to better support the addict in their recovery process.

The Cedars has a specialist team who focus on the family and loved ones. We are here to equip you with the tools you need to cope and heal. This support is available not just to family members of Cedars’ clients, but to anyone in need of support.

Many of our recovered patients have experienced a drastic improvement in many aspects – an ability to enjoy life once more, overcome challenges and foster healthy relationships. The Cedars approach also aims to help family members learn the truth about addiction and its treatment – between our friendly and knowledgeable family liaison team and our internationally qualified addiction counsellors, help is always on hand.

We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your journey to freedom.

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Tel: Admissions: 081 860 9578 // Family Support : 073 532 1752
Mobile: 081 860 9578
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Plumstead South Coast Mooi River
5 Tiverton Rd
Cape Town

P77 Rural Road,
Dududu Road
South Coast

District Road 487
Mooi River
Kwa Zulu Natal

Works with: Adults, individuals, and families.

Specialising in: Detox, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, sex and pornography, and process addiction.

Working in: English.