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Wondering whether you need a social worker? Read on to find out what social work entails and whether it’s the right choice for you. Social workers are trained to be supportive and understanding in the diverse tasks that are required of them. Social work can include anything from trauma counseling, to help with accessing health, welfare, legal and financial services, to issues around substance abuse and domestic violence. Since the scope of their services is so wide, their expertise has to match! Find Help’s experienced social workers in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria undergo several accreditation programs to ensure that they can offer you the help you need, whether you’re struggling with a death in the family or need help managing children in the midst of a broken marriage. Social workers aim to create a supportive setting for you to vent your problems and find actionable solutions based on their training and the services they are equipped to provide. If you’re looking for non-confrontational therapy and help from experienced social workers, read on to learn what services they can provide through the Find Help network, no matter what challenges life has thrown at you.

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Candice Garrun

Social Worker
Photo of Candice Garrun
Candice Garrun is a mental health therapist with several degrees in psychology and social work. She has special interests in working with substance and behavioural addictions;...