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If you’re wondering whether an occupational therapist is right for you, use this guide to find out! Occupational therapy is about much more than diagnosing an illness or treating a disorder. Occupational therapists work with patients, often for their whole lives, to deal with life changes and struggles that come with living through illnesses or disabilities. Any roadblock you face in your job, your learning, or your happiness that stems from an illness, mental or physical, can make an occupational therapist necessary. This therapy isn’t about “getting better” or getting medication to cover up a problem. Rather, it’s about developing and honing skills that will allow you to cope with illness or injury, keep your job and relationship stable, and give you access to customized support from accredited occupational therapists near you. People of all ages can take advantage of occupational therapy. Read on to see more about this unique therapy, including its uses and how to find an occupational therapist near you.

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Renée Shearing

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Renée  Shearing
Cape Town based Occupational Therapist with over 15 years of experience Treating: eating disorders, addiction, co-dependency, anxiety, stress, depression and trauma Offering:...

Jolena Nicol

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Jolena Nicol
Are you experiencing disconnection, conflict or negativity in your life? Whether within yourself, your relationship or your life purpose?. I guide clients with tools and techniques...

Stef Conradie

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Stef Conradie
Stef is a licensed Occupational Therapist and internationally registered Therapeutic Play Practitioner. She has practiced in school settings for the past 10 years and is...

Ingrid Bench

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Ingrid Bench

Romy Kruger

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Romy Kruger
Romy Kruger is paediatric occupational therapist with a special interest in early intervention, autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing disorder.

Leigh Botha Freeman

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Leigh Botha Freeman
Special interest in sensory integration, child development and learning difficulties

Shanna Louwrens

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Shanna  Louwrens
Paediatric Occupational Therapist with a special interest in Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Therapy.

Bridgette Mohr

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Bridgette Mohr
Neuro-rehabilitation (strokes, head injuries and progressive neurological conditions. Adults and paediatrics.